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Straps Workshop


This workshop is aimed at technical development for beginners and intermediate, it's prepared for helping those who already had contact with aerial straps, as well as for those who have a background in aerial circus, that gives them a base for straps. The aim for beginners is to explore the technique of straps and gain a base and tools so that they can continue growing new skills also after the workshop. The aim for intermediates is to focus in advanced techniques (or their current work in progress) and so, doing more in-detail work. We will work on both swings and turning techniques. And there will be 4 points to work on. No straps are needed, but feel free to bring your own. (the ceiling height is 7 metres so keep that in mind if you bring very long straps).

Technical info:

The workshop will consists of two days, during Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of May.

3 hours per day from 1 PM to 4 PM.

The price is 65€ for one day and 115€ for two days.

For inscription, email to emixart@gmail with the date/s you want to inscribe, and please mention your straps experience.

About the teacher:

Daniel Fernández is a circus artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Graduated from Ésac, he has since recently co-founded a circus company, @alud, which intertwines aerial circus with other art fields to create new and richer ways of doing circus. Past October during Circolo festival, Alud premiered Funnel Vision, a 40 min aerial duo hanging 30 metres high in the air. Daniel is interested in the ways that technique can be adapted to other disciplines such as floor acrobatics, partnering, dance and theatre. His aim is to create and spread a body of work that can become a new straps technique in itself.

Aerial Duo


  • 1 June
  • 2 June

From 14 to 17

Detail Aerial Duo Workshop
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Freies Training Ballett bei Jana

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  • 10. April / 24.April
  • 8. Mai / 29.Mai
  • 5. Juni / 12. Juni / 19.Juni

10 bis 11:30 Uhr

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